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[ 2017-06-02 ]

At present, the office building steel structure engineering of Shanghai North Bund Magnolia Plaza Project and steel structure engineering of Nanchang Green Land International Exhibition Center built by Baosteel Structure of Baosteel Engineering won the 12th "Gold Award of Chinese Steel Structure".

The gold award of Chinese Steel Structure is the highest honorary award of engineering quality in Chinese construction steel structure industry. The voting object of steel structure gold award is all kinds of construction steel structure engineering built by enterprise worked on construction steel manufacturing and installation, the engineering quality should reach China's domestic leading level.

New landmark of Shanghai North Bund——the height of office tower building for "Tallest in Puxi" of Magnolia Plaza reach to 311 meter, it is a super high-rise building. The complex environment around office tower building of Magnolia Plaza was once a great challenge to project construction. In the process of engineering construction, Baosteel steel structure project relied on collective intelligence to actively carry out scientific and technological innovation, adopted ten core technologies of numerous broke through the traditional construction modes, such as soft soil deep and large excavation partition support technology, truss computer simulated pre-assembly technology,etc, making the project was awarded "Shanghai New Technologies Application Demonstration Project in Construction Industry", "Shanghai Construction Engineering Metal Structure Special Award of Diamond Award".

Nanchang Green Land International Convention Centre is located at Jiulong lake in Nanchang City, its construction function is defined as world-class convention and exhibition place, it is a super huge type of exhibition buildings with various functions of exhibition and complete set of  exhibition. Nanchang Green Land International Convention Centre is a typical exhibition type of structural steel construction, it covers a wide area and has a large span, and there are many kinds of components, the form is comparatively complex, the assembly has certain difficulty. On the manufacturing of this engineering, Baosteel Steel Structure has overcome many technical difficulties, making the engineering steel components smoothly passed the acceptance.

Source:Baowu News Centre