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[ 2017-06-02 ]

Around global, in the field of non-oriented silicon steel for driving motor, the development of Baosteel non-oriented silicon steel for driving motor is earliest, most complete variety series, most widely performance range, which can strong support for the technical progress of new energy automobile drive motor development. The information is obtained by journalist from Baosteel's first new energy automobile drive motor used steel EVI forum which is held a few days ago.

Baosteel has been developed motor material for new energy automobile since 2009, it is the first enterprise in domestic for developing exclusive series of steel of driving motor for new energy automobile, three generations of products have been developed, three series of products have been formed: AV(normal), AHV(high efficient), and APV(high magnetic strength), three kinds of thin specification for 0.27mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm have been covered, the key technical indicators such as iron loss and magnetic induction of Baosteel new energy automobile drive motor used steel products reach the leading level of the world, it can meet the need for high efficiency, miniaturization, high security development of driving motor .

Applying Baosteel non-oriented silicon steel drive motor has obvious advantages: small volume of drive motor, light weight of vehicle, long batter life, low carbon environmental protection; low vibration, low noise, high comfort performance; high motor efficiency, good driving performance; small temperature rise, high operation reliability, driving safety, etc.

In order to speed up new energy automobile drive motor technology upgrading, the unique EVI service of Baosteel intervenes in the earlier stage of new energy automobile research and development, assist customer to select material, use material, optimize material design and subsequent logistics and distribution, reduce the user's integrated usage cost. Baosteel is also equipped with whole process of production simulated line and whole series of detection device, nationally recognized analytical laboratory, and be equipped with customer technology simulation laboratory, specialized data support can be provided to the customer.

Source:Baowu News Centre