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[ 2017-06-12 ]

On the afternoon of May 27th, Baowu Group and China Merchant Group Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony was held in Baowu Building. Both sides will utilize their respective advantages and cooperate in logistics, community and zone construction, business and innovation. Baowu Group’ Party Secretary and President Ma Guoqiang, China Merchant Group’s Party Secretary and President Li Jianhong were present and saw the signing process. Baowu Group’ Chief Manager and Vice Party Secretary Chen Derong, China Merchant Group’s Chief Manager and Vice Party Secretary Li Xiaopeng signed the agreement on the companies’ behalf. Baowu Group’ Vice Manager Hu Wangming, China Merchant Group’s Vice Manager Sun Chengming and Wang Hong and other responsible department leaders were also present in the ceremony.

Baowu Group and China Merchant Group had a good cooperation relationship base in logistics, industrial production and service, steel trade and business service. In 2016, Baowu Group and China Merchant Group simultaneously became trial companies for national capital investment, which became an opportunity for deepening cooperation. From now on, both companies will collaborate by capital combination and collective effort in specific programs to exploit respective advantages and share resources to achieve complementary collaboration and sustainable development in this partnership.

On the signing ceremony, Li Jianhong points out that Baowu Group is a significant customer of China Merchant Group and has been in long-term cooperation in naval transportation, ports and logistics. There will be considerable space for cooperation for both companies in assisting development strategies such as The Road and Belt and Yangtze River Economic Belt. He hopes both companies increase the speed and scope of cooperation.

Ma Guoqiang states that Baowu Group and China Merchant Group has been in a fruitful cooperative relationship, and has expanded in collaboration areas while developing continuously in recent years. As a trial company for national company investment, Baowu Group is drawing up a new strategic plan that encompasses business, city service, industrial service, new materials and logistics aside from its main focus in iron and steel industry. He believes that Baowu Group and China Merchant Group will broaden collaboration aside from traditional fields and speed up collaboration through developing multiple collaboration modes.

Source:Baowu News Centre