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Baosteel Special Steel Special Materials Helps C919 in Its Successful Maiden Flight [ 2017-05-10 ]

On May, 5th, the home made C919 successfully completed its maiden flight. For years, Baosteel Special Steel has closely followed the international advanced civil aviation materials production technology, and has continuously improved the whole process of control of civil aviation material production and management, independently financing and developing the 300M steel for aircraft landing gear, and becoming the first domestic enterprise to get the qualification certificate as the material supplier of COMAC.

Known as the "the starting point of take-off, the key point of security," the aircraft landing gear accounted for 3.5% of the total aircraft weight, which is the heaviest steel parts with the largest proportion, most important key structural parts for aircraft. It not only carries the weight of the entire aircraft, but also withstands the huge impact when landing, therefore, landing gear is highly demanding on the stability of steel materials, impact resistance, fatigue strength, etc. Therefore, it is featured by high manufacturing difficulty and strict quality control.

Since 2009, Baosteel Special Steel has carried out the R & D on 300M steel for landing gear. Under the guidance of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, as well as in accordance with the quality management requirements of civil aviation materials system, it has successively completed nearly 20 heats 60 batches of industrialized trial production. It has particularly compiled the process control document (PCD), improved equipment accuracy, set up the manufacturing system from person, machine, material and method, so as to ensure the stability of manufacturing process, and formed the whole process manufacturing technology with proprietary IPR.

Among 38 domestication projects of C919 large passenger aircraft at the national level, Baosteel Special Steel 300M steel bar development project is the first to pass the technical document PCD pre-approved by COMAC, the first to pass the material drawing review by COMAC, The first domestic material supplier to pass C919 foreign suppliers approval.

Source:Baowu News Centre