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Hwabao Trust Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated to HwabaoTrust)

Founded in 1998, Baosteel Group holds 98% shares, and Zhejiang Zhoushan Finance Bureau holds 2% shares. The registered capital is RMB 2 billion (including USD 15 million). On June 12 2008 Baosteel Group Corporation entrusted Fortune Investment to manage Hwabao Trust Co., Ltd.

Over the years, Hwabao Trust has always been keeping the consciousness of innovation, with a number of business qualifications or action in the leading position. In 2003, the first in the industry to launch a joint venture fund company; In 2005, the first to gain the qualification of the trustee and account manager issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the first to carry out the structured securities business affairs; In 2007, it was the first trust company approved and granted the replaced financial license after the new two rules were released. In 2011, it became the first trust company qualified for stock-index futures trading.

Hwabao Trust takes asset management and trust services as two main business. In 2015, its operating income amounted to RMB 1.231 billion, and the profit is RMB 282 million.

Hwabao Trust Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated to HwabaoTrust)
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